Swarovski Cell Phone Case Pro Max Apple iPhone Blank Printable Phone Case



? Structure: Printable Sublimation Phone case for Apple iPhone 11 PRO MAX. It is made up of soft rubber. With a printable aluminium Insert. This aluminium Insert is cut perfectly to be fixed to the back of the Apple iPhone 11 Cover. The blanks case has a peelable strong self-adhesive back surface on which the printed aluminum is then fixed to give a fully customised Apple iPhone 11 PRO MAX case. ? Sweet Design: Lightweight, glitter finish shell with a minimal phone case design for vivid, vibrant and bright image transfers.Shock-proof,Scratch-resistant,Convenient cutouts for camera and controls. ? Let Your Phone Do The Talking: Create a tiny masterpiece with a sublimation blanks phone case and keep your favorite moments close at hand. With hundreds of designs, backgrounds, and embellishments to choose from, you can create a custom phone case that laces your personality in your palm! ? Includes: 5 x Soft Rubber Blank Sublimation Black Cases + Inserts Aluminium plate Compatible with iPhone 11 PRO MAX. ? Warm Tip: Time:80 seconds, temp: 360 F, pressure:medium.The above pressing information are guide lines only as all heat presses vary from different manufacturers.


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